| Restaurant Reservation System

BookingWire provides a platform to restaurants which combines services to maximise your potential.

Are you fed up with having different services to take care of?

  • Online reservation system.
  • Mobile App which with booking facility.
  • Customer relationship management.
  • Live Booking Diary.
  • Customer feedback & analytics... and much more.

BookingWire integrates all these together in one booking system to offer you a bespoke state of the art service.

What do we offer
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BookingWire integrates the following services:

Online Booking:

Provides a booking system where your customers can book as and when they wish removing the need for phone calls. We will send you and your customer a table booking text along with an email confirming the same while also updating the diary for you!

Live Booking Diary:

Still using restaurant diaries? BookingWire updates your online reservation systems automatically and allows you to manually add the bookings taken from elsewhere. Never miss a booking again.

Mobile Site:

Don't have a mobile site? Research says that an increasing number of potential customers are using smartphones to decide where to dine. We will create you one for free, so you can showcase your restaurant and provide online bookings!

CRM-Customers Relationship Management:

We will create a database for you for which can be used to send promotional mails, invites and information to your customers.

Customer Survey & Analytics:

We will send a feedback form to the diners to get their feedback and create a report for you to understand the statistics.