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Why Bookingwire

BookingWire is the only integrated booking facility that offers a restaurateur a Booking Diary, CRM, Group Mailing capabilities, Mobile Site and a comprehensive set of Reports and Analytics.

We offer a value that is unmatched in the industry today - Your own customer database on the internet cloud.

In a world that is increasingly dependent on mobile devices to carry out transactions, BookingWire provides Restaurateurs an opportunity to set up their own mobile site that can be accessed using any of the devices available today. By doing this Restaurateurs can embrace the opportunities that mobile computing presents.

BookingWire offers the Restaurateur a comprehensive Booking engine that can be accessed by PC or by mobile devices. All bookings received are presented in a Monthly, Weekly and Daily format. A comprehensive setup engine is available to setup the restaurant slots and sessions, special meals, holidays and closures. An integrated CRM offers realtime auto update of new customers. A group mail facility allows scheduling of emails to customers. Going forward BookingWire aims to be a platform of choice for Restaurateurs so that they can do what they do best - run the restaurant!

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