| Restaurant Reservation System

All your questions, answered!

Q: Is it simple?

YES. You can complete your registration in 3 minutes and you have a fully functional booking engine with a database that is exclusively yours in 12 hours. While we spawn a booking engine for you and create your database you can add the links to your site. A restaurant booking system good to go!

Q: If it is simple how can it be powerful?

A: BookingWire integrates the following services

Online Booking: Provides a service where your customers can book as and when they wish (stop taking those phone calls) from your website. We will send you and your customer a text along with an email confirming the same while also updating the diary for you!

Live Booking Diary: Still using restaurant diaries? BookingWire updates your online reservation systems automatically and allows you to manually add the bookings taken from elsewhere. Never miss a table booking again.

Mobile Site: Don't have a mobile site? Research says that an increasing number of potential customers are using smartphones to decide where to dine. We will create one for you for free, so you can showcase your restaurant and provide online bookings!

CRM-Customers Relationship Management: We will create a database for you for which can be used to send promotional mails, invites and information to your customers.

Customer Survey & Analytics: We will send a feedback form to the diners to get their feedback and create a report for you to understand the statistics.

Q: How can we make it free?

A: BookingWire is free during the trial period. Thereafter plan charges are applied if you wish to continue using it.

Q: When and how do you charge me money?

A: Based on the plan you choose we charge your credit card with the amount as per your chosen plan at the end of the free period.

Q: What about CRM?

A: All bookings made using the BookingWire web or mobile engine are automatically entered into your booking system CRM database. You can then send them periodical emails as well as send them good wishes on their birthdays and anniversaries etc.

Q: What about sending group mails to my customers?

A: Group mail service is part of BookingWire and all your customers are automatically subscribed to the newsletters. Customers can opt-out by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletters.

Q: What browser should I use to access BookingWire?

A: BookingWire supports Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. You can download them from the internet.

Q: Who owns my customer data?

A: You do, period.